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OBS Events
OBS hosted events, workshops and field trips happen almost every month of the year. In addition to helping out at local bead shows, we organize shopping trips and project trips to local bead stores, bring in visiting instructors as well as hosting our own beading workshops.
Fall Bead Retreat at Tulakogee Conference Center on Lake Ft. Gibson Oct. 26-29th
Pictures of the center can be found here.
The OBS Bead Retreats focus on casual fun, friendship and BEADING.
Your bead retreat fee of $155 for members is all inclusive...there is nothing to buy at Tulakogee. All meals and drinks are included. Some of us bring snacks to share for the midnight beading snack attacks. You may bring your own drink cup if you wish.
There will be patterns shared with you and a project needs sheet distributed but feel free to bring your own kits and projects if you desire. Many do. Again, this weekend is all about friendship, relaxation and beading. It's bead all you want, at your own pace. There are no theft problems at the camp. You can leave your projects and beads set up when you leave the room for bed. Except for a special project on Saturday, we don't feel the need to work on the same projects. You don't need to participate if you don't feel like it. If you need help, we have several qualified bead instructors to help you. Just ask us!
Rooms have a spacious shower and separate toilet room for privacy. There are no TVs. WiFi is "spotty" in this location. Food is very basic but the view is spectacular! Deer often come down in the fall to visit.
Bring your CDs for music!
Lights brought from home are necessary for beading
Map to Tulakogee Look for the green signs!
Tulakogee is a Christian establishment. Please dress and behave appropriately. No alcohol/illegal drugs.
Don't forget your medications! Many of us bring our own blankets and beading chairs although a coverlet for the bed is furnished. Sheets and pillow are furnished. Remember, you must bring some type of beading light.
Arrival time: 3 p.m. Friday. Departure Sunday 3 p.m. There is a Thursday arrival option that must be reserved and has an extra fee and extra requirements for meal sharing.
Dining is serve yourself buffet style and sit wherever you wish. Most of us try to sit at a different table each meal in order to talk to everyone!